Your project ... fully visualized in 3D

A detailed joint determination of requirements and our subsequent implementation in the form of a 3D visualization enable highly optimized and easily expandable and individualized products!

A technology upgrade option is being planned and will be offered alongside a service package! Our comprehensive product support and after-sales service ensure satisfied customers and continuous development of our offerings.

Visualize 3D ... Save costs

Depending on the location and orientation of the property (geodata), the, by you in the 3D configurator selected modules for house, energy, water and possibly also the optional aquaponics are virtually constructed in 3D according to your specifications and can then be viewed on the computer but also, for example, in virtual reality (VR). This gives you a detailed insight into the implementation and saves costs in the planning phase!

The 3D visualization later results in a parts list of all required materials, which can be configured and ordered directly and individually.

3D Configurator

Currently, the detailed 3D configuration of your project takes place within the framework of a comprehensive project and purchase consultation. Within this framework, you select the various modules and materials and we create a detailed 3D visualization for you!

We are also working on a comprehensive online configuration tool and a corresponding module and material database. This should make it possible in the future to equip your project individually and in detail already on our homepage.