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modules for sustainable living

One of the biggest current problems of our planet is the rapid dwindling of raw materials and non-renewable energy sources as well as the related environmental pollution. In order to be able to slow down these processes and hopefully stop them later, numerous regulations have been passed on a global political level in recent years. However, positive change in discourse is not enough. Every single citizen of the earth can contribute to the "great leap for mankind" with his own small steps. The environmentally conscious planning and implementation of modular self-sufficient housing units and their surroundings is a basic building block of INNOVATIVE SMART LIVING.

Smart Container Houses

stable and cost-effective basis: sea containers

The basis for all segments is the See-Container in its various sizes, set up and mounted on a point foundation!


The end product is a self-sufficient, smart Tiny Container House consisting of independent segments and modules (plug-ins) with a kitchen/living room, sanitary facilities, bedroom and office space. The modular water and energy supply in corresponding containers is extended, if necessary, with additional workshop and storage containers or a hydro or aquaponic system for self-sufficient food production. The finished modules are assembled and commissioned directly at your site and can be extended by individual modules at any time.

triple glazed and ecologically insulated

In terms of finishing and equipment, you can choose from several different "plug-in" solutions depending on your budget. In addition to high-quality multi-glazed doors and windows, the basic container equipment includes ecological insulation of the floors, walls and ceilings, e.g. with seaweed or hemp fibers. For high insulation value requirements, insulating panels made of Resolhart foam can also be integrated for exterior facades.

When selecting insulation, it is generally necessary to find a healthy compromise between insulation value and insulation thickness. Insulation materials are used that have a high K-value at low thickness. Windows are made of 2 or triple glazed PVC windows. PVC window profiles are extremely durable, withstand the most adverse weather conditions and are 100% recyclable. Where needed, triple glazed elements with a K-value of 0.8 are used.

 Seagrass insulation

Seagrass convinces with very good insulating properties and heat protection in summer. Seagrass is naturally protected against fire, mold and pests and offers a good indoor climate thanks to moisture resistance and diffusion openness.


As a renewable raw material, hemp has a good CO2 balance and low energy requirements during production. The insulation material can be easily recycled, is robust, pest-free, absorbs sound and is harmless to indoor air. Hemp regulates the humidity in the room and is mold-resistant.

Multiple glazing

Detailed view of the installed triple-glazed window elements.

integrated heating and cooling concept

Mit innovativen Technologien sind die smarten Modul-Häuser komplett elektrifiziert, für Glasfaseranschluss vorbereitet und energieversorgt (siehe Energie-Container). The indoor climate is specifically cooled in summer or tempered in winter by integrating innovative capillary tube mats in walls and ceilings (see also under heat pump). The development of these capillary tube mats are inspired by the human blood circulation. In our modular houses, appropriate capillaries are laid in the ceilings and sometimes also in the walls.

IIn gypsum boards, the capillaries of the capillary tube mat (spacing 15mm) are inserted on the back.

Capillary tube elements in a ceiling made of plasterboard.

integrated heating and cooling concept

For facade cladding and shutters we use high-quality weather-resistant woods, which also have a positive effect on the indoor climate. In addition, smart burglary protection is also realized via hinged and sliding shutters and doors.

Resistant terraces

With resistant wood materials for outdoor use, the platforms and terraces are designed. The decking boards are slip-resistant, even on wet surfaces. With their natural look and feel, they feel like wood, but are much more resistant to insects and parasites and, thanks to their surface hardness, have equally good protection against scratches from sunbeds, etc. The planks are very easy to maintain and do not need to be oiled, painted or glazed, they are long-term color fast and do not turn gray. The products are solid and dyed through, which makes them very robust and durable.

You want to admire your terrace even in the dark? Then set atmospheric light accents with LED light. The combination of LED linear lights and spots are the stylish addition to our terraces!

production time under 4 months

Since many of the INNOVATIVE SMART LIVING products are standardized and fully integrated, the successfully completed inventory with 3D visualization and computer-aided planning is followed by fabrication and preparation. At the same time, the point foundations are created. A production time of about 3-4 months is realistic (excluding delivery times).